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        For decades, Likrat Shiduch Matchmaking Service, currently headquartered in Maplewood NJ, has been making many introductions between Jewish men and women, often resulting in marriage. Likrat Shiduch was established for the divine purpose of assisting Jewish single people of all affiliations and lifestyles with meeting their "bashert" or predestined marital companion.


      Rabbi Yeheskel and Pearl Lebovic, directors of Likrat Shiduch, are members of the Chabad-Lubavitch community, renowned educators, lecturers and writers.  Together, they form a highly qualified and devoted team.  They have the approval and support of many prominent rabbis and Jewish leaders. Community leaders and regional contacts keep providing them with a flow of referrals. They strive to align the important factors of intelligence level, education, religious orientation, level of professionalism, character compatibility, common life goals and interests. They strive to assess the totality of the two individuals, rather than matching their fragmented components.


      No matter where you are located, connecting with them is the first, easy step—as long as you sincerely desire to meet your soul-mate.  After careful selection from a pool of many registrants—the majority of whom they have personally interviewed—they will provide you with suitable introductions. All interviews and questionnaires remain strictly confidential.  


      Likrat Shiduch is a not-for-profit organization. It is a beneficiary of a grant from the Jewish Community Foundation of Northern NJ.  

      Rabbi and Mrs Lebovic hold personal interviews in Manhattan , Brooklyn, Maplewood NJ, and Monsey, NY.  They also travel periodically to many other cities and interview on site. They can be reached at 973-849-6418 or by emailing them.


      Further information will be emailed or mailed upon request.

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